Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Blonderia.

The rules of The Versatile Blogger Award are the following:

◦ share seven Facts about yourselves

◦ nominate 15 other bloggers to do the same

For further information, visit the official site of the award by clicking HERE.

Versatile Blogger Award

7 facts about me

1 Despite going to bed around the same time each day. I suffer from Middle insomnia. I  will go to sleep around 10-11 at night and will sometime wake up anywhere from 2-4 in the morning. Sleeping medications do not help or they make it worse. Stress is a HUGE trigger.

2 I have a degree in Visual Arts.

3 I am Diabetic. Type 1 at 18. Hello Adulthood.

4 I am a virgo. Virgo moon and Capricorn rising.

4 I believe in an earth based path.

5 I’m a makeup addict.

6 I love my salt rock and diffuser.

7 I am a quiet person until I get to know you.

My nominees are:

Go check out these blogs because they are all amazing!



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