My Hair Routine

Having short hair doesn't mean you can always wash and go. Sometimes you can rock that bed head and it looks great. Other time not so much. As my hair is growing out from the pixie to a hopeful bob, it almost down to the bottom of my ears, it requires a little more love [...]


2017 Beauty Favorites That I cannot Live without

2017 Beauty Favorites That I cannot Live without

If any of these products were to be stopped. I would cry. That's how much I LOVE them. I have not found any other products that give me the results that they do. I reach for them just about everyday. So I thought I would share with you my favorites that I cannot live without. [...]

Favorite Beauty Products

Here are some products that I have tried and liked. I guess you can call this a quick review of items. Most of the items are ones that I repurchase if I really liked them. Since I have really fine hair, it doesn't always respond well to certain products. Like oils, its really picky about [...]