3 Easy & Tasty Recipes

3 Easy & Tasty Recipes

Lately it feels like we have been in a rut making the same meals, spaghetti, tacos and chicken and potatoes. I have tons of recipe books and thought I should make more use out of them. I found a bunch of recipes that we plan on trying but thought I would share with you a…

10 Super Easy Freezer Dump Meals for the Slow Cooker

10 Super Easy Freezer Dump Meals for The Slow Cooker

I LOVE my slow cooker. They are so easy to use.  I actually have two, well one is a roaster oven that can be used as slow cooker and other things. I have been making all of our meals in the slow cooker, since my gas oven igniter died on us about six months ago. Our stove top and broil still works great. So as right now I don't see the need to spend money on a part when we can use other means of cooking meals.  I have even baked cakes and brownies in my roaster oven and they turned out perfect. Just shaped oddly like the roaster oven, but no one could tell the difference.